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Health & Wealth

4 Feb

There’s nothing cheap about medical care expenses. In fact, there’s only one constant when it comes to the price of healthcare and medical treatment: it’s expensive.

Health & Wealth

Health & Wealth

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How Video Games Improve Health

14 Jul

Video games and Health

How Video Games Improve Health

Source: How video games impruve health

If you wont to have some fun and simultaneously improve your health you can play some and addictive video game here.

What Annoys You Most While Training

18 Apr

What Annoys You Most While Training

We surveyed 100 male bodybuilders and gym buffs asking them some uncomfortable questions. What annoys them while training, and what muscles and exercises they tend to neglect as part of their routine as they feel them less important than others. The results are quite interesting.


Source: What Annoys You Most While Training

8 Most Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders

26 Mar

8 diagnosis

Source: 8 Most Common Dual Diagnosis Disorders

A Healthy Community

8 Mar

People who most value community health resources have the least access to them.

A Healthy Community

Source: A Healthy Community

Gastric Bypass

26 Feb

Dr. Korman, the medical director and bariatric surgeon, performs a wide range of surgical weight loss procedures at Marina Del Rey Hospital’s weight loss program, L.A. Bariatrics. With the following infographic you can learn the steps of a gastric bypass procedure performed by Dr. Korman at our Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

Gastric Bypass

Source: Gastric Bypass

Post Workout

18 Feb

Post Workoutop

Source: Post Workout

Water The Original Drink

18 Feb

Water Original drink

Source: Water The Original Drink

Youth Sports Injuries

4 Feb

Youth Sports Injuries

Source: Youth Sports Injuries

Hip Recall

1 Feb

Hip recall

Source: Stryker Hip Recall – An Infographic