Nikola Tesla Infographic

4 Mar

Nikola Tesla work on the alternating current has been inspiration for many game designers world wide.
Nikola Tesla Infographic

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Health & Wealth

4 Feb

There’s nothing cheap about medical care expenses. In fact, there’s only one constant when it comes to the price of healthcare and medical treatment: it’s expensive.

Health & Wealth

Health & Wealth

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Cataract Infographic

23 Oct

We feel that it’s important for people to understand how much of the population is affected by this condition. While cataracts, if detected early, rarely lead to blindness in the US, millions of people in developing countries develop cataracts and do not have access to the appropriate treatment, making cataracts the world’s leading cause of blindness. Some interesting stuff about cataract you may read here

Cataract Infographic

Source: Cataract Infographic: The World’s Leading Cause of Blindness

How gaminig affecting on our culture or health

23 Oct

How gaminig affecting on our culture or health

Some interesting health games you can find on MouseCrusher Surgery games.

How gaminig affecting on our culture or health

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Precious Seconds: The Incredible, Senseless or Bizarre Things You Can Do in Under a Minute

9 Oct

Precious Seconds

We rarely appreciate what we can do in a single minute. Even just 30 seconds is enough time to complete a host of tasks. We take a look at the best 30 and 60 second Guinness World Record


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The Neurology of Gaming

20 Sep

The Neurology of Gaming

The Neurology of Gaming. The infographic shows that gaming have some positive effects on the brain like ability to perform in a team, improved coordination and much better problem solving. Some interesting problem solving games can be found here.

The Neurology of Gaming

Source: The Neurology of Gaming


15 Jul

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Medical Infographics

You might be asking yourself what is a GMO and should I be concerned?
GMO stands foe genetically modified food and YES! You should be concerned.
Today 80% of all packaged food in the United States contains GMO’s. Despite their wide usage in foods, there have not been long-term health studies conducted on the safety of GMO’s
Study the info-graphic below to learn more about this important issue.

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How Video Games Improve Health

14 Jul

Video games and Health

How Video Games Improve Health

Source: How video games impruve health

If you wont to have some fun and simultaneously improve your health you can play some and addictive video game here.

Migraine sufferers

8 Jul

Sufferers of migraines are all too often seen by many to be making a lot of fuss about nothing, but this idea that people have in their minds actually could not be further from the truth. The World Health Organisation classifies chronic migraines as more disabling than blindness, paraplegia and rheumatoid arthritis, which by all accounts means that migraines far outweigh their perceived level of discomfort. This infographic was made with the hope of highlighting the sort of plight that migraine sufferers go through and how much damage migraines do, not only in terms of pain but also economic decline. It also aims to give sufferers of migraines some pointers on how they might best relieve their pain whenever they do start to experience pain.
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Drug Abuse and Your Body Exposed Infographic

8 Jul

Drugs impact every organ in the body. In this easy to read graphic, we demonstrate the impact of the most commonly abused drugs on the body’s organs and its systems. Many people who use drugs, even if they are prescribed, are unaware of how a drug impacts the normal functioning of the body. Whether it is tranquilizers, steroids, or marijuana you can see the organs affected and read about the drug induced changes that occur within each of the body’s systems. Symbols for different drugs make it easy for you to see which organs are affected by which drugs. Knowledge is powerful, find out more about specific drugs using this chart.

Drug Abuse and Your Body Exposed Infographic

Source: Drugs impact